Overseas Trips

For the betterment of its ardent members, Wei Ying Wushu Performance Troupe has also organised several well-received training trips to various countries from time to time. Besides giving students a chance to improve their skills in wushu, the trips provide them with invaluable experience and exposes them to the cultural aspect of China.

Alternatively, Coach Tan will invite instructors from China to Singapore to teach instead. These exchanges provide both parties with many learning opportunities and promotes the interest of wushu in our members.

Taiwan Schools Exchange Programme (2008)

20 of our trainees went on an exchange programme in November 2008. An 8 day trip, this trip included visits to several primary and secondary schools in Taichung.

Training and Performance Trips to China

Wei Ying Wushu Performance Troupe organises training trips to various provinces in China almost every year. Targeting primary and secondary school students, these trips are held during school holidays. Trainees will undergo full-time training with dedicated instructors for approximately 8 days. These enable trainees to quickly boost their potential in wushu, and learn advanced techniques. A few performances and cultural exchanges are also included in the itinerary. Through these treips, we hope that trainees will become more motivated, confident, and committed in learning wushu. Please contact us if you are interested to know more details.